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Mon, Jun. 28th, 2010, 10:26 pm
You Tube

And my ongoing quest to find more than one, small fanfic about


Because, yeah... I refuse to believe that I am the only slash fan that has seen the potential.

Damnit, I'm obsessed with these kiddies. <i>(I know they're older than me, shush)</i>

Oh, and people who read these and are like "Holy shit, what, you're updating your journal?!" yeah, I know, right? Spooky.
Hi :D

Thu, Mar. 25th, 2010, 08:02 pm
Twilight fans make me lol.


Honestly, this needs to be known.
I think it's bloody funny (no pun intended) that the ignorant Twilight fans that exist (some of them are lovely, intelligent people who accept that the books could be better, and make fun of them, but still love them) really do think that S. Meyer invented werewolves and vampires. 

I applaud them, I really do. 

Mon, Sep. 15th, 2008, 09:16 pm

 *Said really fast in high pitched voice*

Quotations of ICT based Holy-nehhss!


 Philli: Kirsty and Sal, I mean Phil... Ee. Dot com.

Kirsty: Let’s nest *Squat*.

Philli: Kirsteeee, I think I just swallowed a stoone!

Kirsty: (On Othello) Basically, homeslice, I want his babies,

Miss Saddique: Why are you late?
Philli: *Wiggles through door* Merrh!

Daavid: *Burps*
Kirsty: Was that Mitch?!

Philli: What's Daavid dooin'?!
Kirsty: He's taking it casual.
Philli: He looks a lil' confused...
Kirsty: Aaaand he has orange hair? *actually looks* Ooh noo!

Ice Cream Guy: You know you can have two different flavours?
Philli: Ooh noo!
*Ice cream guy turns around*
Kirsty/Vicky: *Look at Philli* 
Kirsty: You did not just say that.

Kirsty: Ah-ha, Jordan just sounded funny.
Philli: And he has curly hair. 
Kirsty: *looks at Jordan* No, he doesn't....who are you talking about!?
Philli: John. Who are you talking about? 
Kirsty: *Points at Osbourne thing* 
Philli: Osbournes?
Kirsty: Noo, Jordan sounded funny!
Philli: Oh, Jordan!
Kirsty: Who's John?
Philli: Y'know, John.
Kirsty: Oh, Jooohn!

Kirsty: Sallyyy, Philli just grabbed hoold of Nicky's hoomeslice!

Philli: *running next to Kirsty* Yoo hooooo! *waves*
Kirsty: *Laughs to the finish line*

'He's just taking it casual.' - Kirsty

Nicky: *starts talking*
Philli: Shut up, Nicky.

Alex G: Vicky, they're calling me a rude word and I don't know what it is.
Vicky: What is it?
Alex G:G-Unit.

Philli: Hey, it's my mum's car!... What the hell?

Philli: Can I have some paper please?
Mr. Harris: Do you need paper? 
Philli: Not really, no.
Mr. Harris: You just like to have paper, do you?
Philli: Yep.
Mr. Harris: Do you collect paper?
Philli: Sometimes.
Mr. Harris: Okay, here you go. *gives paper*

*Smell of smoke from barbeque outside*
Chris Bolter: Oi, Mitch, Mitchell! You lighting up again?
Mitch: *keeps neutral*

Philli: *rolled tongue hiss*
Kirsty: *Not amused*
Philli: ...Sorry.

*whole English class goes silent*
Philli: Let's call him Kenny!

Kirsty: *rolls her tongue and makes a slurpy noise* Sounds like spaghetti hoops!

Matt: (at Sally) What did I do?!
Philli: You stole her cat's pajamas.
Nicky: What are you on about?
Philli: Y'know... cats and their... pajamas.

Kirsty: *squishes Philli's face* You look so cute. I just wanna dunk you in my coffee.

Philli: Can I bite your nose?
Kirsty: Sure *presents nose* Have a nibble.

Nicky: Decompose!

Kirsty: (typing) The park is manly..
Philli: The park is manly with a feminine side that you're sure to love(!)

Jamie: Who did you hang around with today? Oh, I hung around with the HULK.

Philli: (whilst doing 'I want to break free' at Kirsty's house) You have a lot of bananas.
Kirsty: Whatever. (Starts dancing)
Philli: *starts giggling*
Kirsty: Wait... I have a lot of bananas, what?!

Kirsty: (To Jamie) Why aren't you going to Brean?!
Nicky: I'm going to Brean!
Jamie: You're not funny, you're not handsome, you're just not Jamie.

Jordan: Do you have a pen?
Philli: Nooo.
Jordan: (walks off)
Philli: I did not just say 'Nooo'.

Jamie: I always picture Nicky going out and fighting crime in his spare time.

Nicky: Jamie worships me.

Jamie: The Huwman cake.

Nicky: With you around anything could happen.
Philli: Merr.
Nicky: *face-palm*

Jamie: I'm jealous of Nicky's guns.

Kirsty: Do you do yoga in your bedroom?
Jamie: Only if Nicky wants me to.

Jamie: (talking about Nicky) He's trying to use the force... It doesn't work.

Kirsty: Eat me Jason, eat me!

Jamie: Me and Huw, our special power could be picking Nicky up and swinging him.

Kirsty: (talking about Winston, her hamster) I could call him Huw, and look at him goooo!!

Kirsty: Do the flick 'n' lick!

Jamie: Nicky, do you have a bunny costume?
Nicky: Did you just say 'bunny costume' or 'bunny girl suit'?

Nicky: Spider!
Philli: No, that's your hand.

Philli: (completely innocent) Jamie, do you like to make Nicky scream?
Jamie: *pulls a face*

People outside: *waves*
Nicky: It's my fans!









Fri, Feb. 1st, 2008, 08:38 pm
Hocus Pocus

Mood: Joy
Listening to: Warrachaou You Boyfriend (Y'know, I probably spelt that wrong)
Reading: FletchJones memories on McFlyslash
Watching: FLASH - Attack of the Random (Bradsgurl.deviantart.com)
Playing: Uhh... I think Pokemon's somewhere... Uhh...
Eating: My fingers
Drinking: Nothing.... =(

MUAHAHAHA I will take over the world, yesh.

Becky may be coming down where I live! *is all jumpy and hyper* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am very excited, and it's my birthday in seventeen days! =O I bet something bad's going to happen tomorrow to even out the good that's happening this evening! <3

I need my lipbalm, my mouth is killing me. Ouch. I HATE NERVES/EXCITEDNESS/MYOWNFUCKINGFAULT. Damn teeth. 

Hmm, I will go now! *heroic pose, skips off like a giraffe!*

Sun, Jan. 13th, 2008, 06:16 pm
My goodness, an entry?!

Hello folks!

For anyone who gives a piss, I have a new youtube account which is stfoosa (hmm, sounds familiar!) because I kept getting hated by anti-david tennant people. Fuckkerrrrrrrs. 

What do you know, I may have an idea for a McFLY slash crossover thanks to this damn song and its sexy slightly gay video. Cheers, Jake Shears. Not that I haven't been writing, because I have. It's pretty shite, though, so I've given up on it. Philli's losing her inspiration, really. Random word generator isn't doing me any good, either. 

Insanity prawn boy loves you. Don't forget it now, kiddies!

We got shown the panorama crap in tutor about internet safety, and I was sat there thinking 'You'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to take your clothes off or go out to meet someone who you've never even seen on webcam!' Jeeze, kids today! Umm... Yes, I'm not a child *shifty look* 

I am going BALD. My hair is falling out. Gaaaah, it's all Mr. Scott's homework that he's fucking well given us and... *whacks something over the head. Something turns out to be self. Buggrit.*

Umm... yes... 

BYE! *click*

Thu, Nov. 29th, 2007, 05:49 pm

Title: Diaries can be fun
Part(s): 15/16 – Penultimate! <3
Pairing: Poynter/Judd and Fletcher/Jones
Rating: 15 for foulness of the language
Disclaimer: I don’t own shit. Except my own ^_^
Dedicated to: My dear friend Vicky, who is going through a very harsh time right now. <3
A/N: There maybe a sequel in the nearer future. MAYBE. I’m not certain at the moment.

Sun, Nov. 25th, 2007, 03:05 pm

See - Computer screen
Smell - Wool
Hear - Funfunfun - McFly/Busted
Feel - Keyboard keys being sticky
Taste - My spit


Wassup, ma homie? Deary me, I am not a gangsta... I hope...

I dislike Charlie Simpson. Matt Willis and James Bourne are fine with me, but Charlie's a no-no. My friend Kirsty, when told that he is a moose, said "Clicks replay on youtube. Going underground!" which is no great help, really. 

I haven't got much to write in here, so have a picture of a peg. Damn, it won't upload because LJ doesn't like Bitmaps. GHEY.

Philli x

Sun, Oct. 14th, 2007, 08:56 pm
Fluff vs Smutt!Challenge entry [fluff

Title: Decorations
Part: One/One
Pairing: Poynter/Judd
Rating: 12
Genre: Fluff ^_^
Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t sue.
Dedications: JuddPoynter, and Becky! ^_^


Sun, Sep. 2nd, 2007, 08:47 pm

Title: Horror
Part: Four
Pairing: Flones and Pudd.
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, except the monster/dog/spirit thing and the receptionist.
Dedications: Mostly to JuddPoynter, because of her AMAZING crack!fic, and I really hope she wins. Also, to Danny, Becky, McFlyStargirl, Orpheous87, Foreverlove_xx, and Jedisnickers. For commenting, reading, and loving!
A/N: Danny’s point of view to start with, then it changes to Harry’s.

Multiple/Unknown Chaptered

Sun, Jul. 15th, 2007, 03:40 pm

Title: Coming Clean
Pairing: Poynter/Judd
Part: Standalone/Mixture songfic.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the songs, or Harry. Or his past. Ooor Dougie.
Summary: It's lyrics from two songs that I think could be about coming out, or are about coming out. Song one is Coming Clean by Green Day (In green), and the second is Come Clean by Hilary Duff (In purple). I'm sure there are many others, but these are probably my favourites.


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